user`s guide

Membership Registration

Registration required for membership.  Registration is free.
Drop-in available without registration.  ¥3,240 (tax included) for single ticket.

Only a registered person can use the membership. (Each person has to register)
¥324 charge to reissue the membership card.

Please inform us as soon as possible about any health condition that might inhibit you from taking classes for any extended period of time (pregnancy, injury, illness, etc.) 

My Page

・The following services are available after you log in to home page.
You can check the details of your registration, membership and class-tickets, as well as make any necessary changes, reservations, and/or cancellations.


 Membership Guidelines for regular class reservations (including waiting list).

  Premium Standard
LOHAS member
Light With ticket、drop-in
New member、Visitor
 Number of class reservations Up to 5 classes Up to 3 classes
Reservation period 28 days in advance 21 days in advance

This doesn’t apply if reserving for workshops or a regular class on the given day. You can reserve those classes without any restrictions.
・If the class is full after midnight on the day of class: You need to wait till there is an open spot.

・Cancellation/Waiting list:
The waiting list is available until midnight on the day of class even if the class is already full.

We will contact you with the following information by email, so we recommend setting up an email address that you can access easily.
Also, please follow the cancellation procedure if you are not able to come to the class.

  1. If there is an open spot by midnight on the day of class, your reservation will be confirmed and you will be notified.
  2. If there is no opening spot by midnight on the day of class, the waiting list is no longer effective. And you will also be notified.

Cancellation / Reservation changes

If there are any changes to your reservation or cancellation, please make them as soon as possible.

If you cancel 3 times in the month (from 1st to the end of the month) after midnight on the day of class or are a no-show for class without notice, your availability for class reservation will be limited to 1 class at a time from that day for 14 days.
*This doesn’t apply the first time making reservation.
*The following reasons may exempt you from this rule. We may ask you to bring the proof of delay or a doctor’s note:
-Medical emergency
-Train delay
-Sudden physical condition changes for pregnant women and persons who signed up for postnatal class (recovery class) or Mama class.
These procedures can be reviewed on the My Page online, or please call studio yoggy directly.

Late to class

To maintain the quality of the class and for our customer’s safety, there will be no late admittance to class.
Please arrive 20 minutes prior to class.

Area of use/ Number of classes

There will be an additional ¥540 required when you take a class at an unregistered studio (This doesn’t apply to the starter ticket user).
・If Standard or Light members run out of classes, extra classes are available at the cost of ¥1,620 per class.
* It costs ¥2,160 if you take an extra class at unregistered studio.  540yen + 1,620yen = 2,160 yen

Monthly membership fee (Premium, Standard, Light)

Another application for this membership is required.
What to bring for enrollment: membership fee for the first 2 months, ATM card (bank card), seal/stamp (Inkan) and ID.
To change the plan or the area (studio) of use, please inform us at one of our studios at least  two months prior to the change of the desired month.

6-class ticket and 4-class ticket

Extending the expiration date, refund or reissues of tickets is not available.

If you already purchased one of the tickets (class card) but forget to bring it to the studio, we must ask you to purchase another ticket or a drop-in ticket to take the class.

Tickets are for all studios or the specific city. If you have a ticket specific to the city, you can’t use the ticket in a different city.  Also, you can’t change city of use while you are using the ticket.

Please purchase another ticket or drop-in ticket.

Age/ condition specific class

Please attend prenatal classes if you are pregnant.
After you gave birth, we encourage you to take postnatal classes.
Please consult with your health care professional when you should start taking classes.
Our regular classes are for Junior High School students and above.