Monthly Membership Rules and Regulations

These monthly memberships with new prices started from March 2015.This is regarding new members under the new pricing plan.We offer three membership levels which are Premium, Standard, and Light in the new price plan. With the Premium membership, you can take unlimited regular classes. The Standard level offers six (6) classes per month. The Light level offers four (4) classes per month.

LOHAS members are defined as those who signed up before December 30, 2014 and have unlimited regular class benefits.
*You can find the price and details at the front desk of our studios and through our website.

Enrollment and payment

The minimum contract of the membership is 6 months. It is automatically extended every month after the end of six (6) months. When enrolling, we ask you to pay for the first 2 months in advance. From the third month, the membership fee will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the 27th of each month. The membership fee will be charged regardless of the number of classes you attend.

Setting up the automatic withdrawal payment
By Pay-Easy:

Starting at the end of the second month, the membership fee for the following month will be deducted on the 27th on a monthly basis.

By automatic withdrawal form:

In the 3rd month from the enrollment, the third and fourth month will be deducted. From the following month, the pay will be deducted monthly.

If the automatic withdrawal does not go through for any reason, we will inform you and ask you to pay as soon as possible at the front desk of one of our studios. We may call your emergency contact if the payment hasn’t been made. This membership is only for the person who is enrolled and is non-transferrable.

Cancellation of Membership

Please bring your membership card and fill in the notice of withdrawal at one of our studios. This must be completed at a studio front desk. Please acknowledge the monthly membership fee will be withdrawn continually if you haven’t submitted the notice of withdrawal. If you decide to cancel the membership within the first 6 months, you are required to pay the cancellation fee which is one month of the membership fee.

Please give us one month notice for cancellation of membership. If we receive the notice after the month has begun, your cancellation will not take effect until after the final day of the following month. If the monthly fees haven’t been paid, you may lose your monthly membership and/or LOHAS membership.


As for handling your personal information, we will follow privacy policy expressed on our website.Usage guidelines of our studios are in the welcome guide and on our website as well.

Please inform our front desk immediately if there have any changes to your bank account information, address, phone number or email address.If you would like to make any changes in your membership contract, please complete the procedure two (2) months before at our front desk.

The changes will take effect at the start of the following month and can’t take effect in the middle of the month.There is no fee to change the type of membership. The minimum of 6 months is required as stated in the enrollment policy section.

We reserve the right to change these policies as deemed necessary. If we need to make any changes, we will inform all members. A notice will also be posted at each studio.

Revised on January 4th, 2015