LOHAS member

LOHAS Membership is a plan with which you can attend an unlimited number regular classes of Yoga, Pilates and Beauty Pelvis for a monthly payment of ¥10,285
(¥9,051 for studios outside Tokyo, Yokohama and Omiya area). It is recommended for those who would like to attend class at least once or twice a week.
There is no mat rental charge, so you can casually drop by to take classes.

Member's Menu National* Local** Expiration date
LOHAS Membership
(Fixed monthly
-Includes mat rental
¥10,285 ¥9,051 Until membership is cancelld

* National - Membership is valid at all studios.
** Local - Membership is valid at all studios excluding locations in Tokyo, Yokohama and Omiya area.

LOHAS Member Benefits

  • Take unlimited number of classes at a fixed monthly price
    You will be able to take all regular classes of Yoga, Pilates, and Beauty Pelvis, as often as you want.
  • Discount on special classes
    here are exclusive discounts for LOHAS members for certain special classes.
  • Increased maximum number of classes you can reserve your spot for
    If you take 15 or more classes within a period of three months, the maximum number of classes that you can reserve increases by 1 (up to a maximum of 10 classes).

To sign up as a LOHAS Member

  • Fill out a LOHAS Membership sign-up form at any one of the studios.
  • Make a payment for the first two months' worth of LOHAS membership fee at the studio.
  • From your third month onwards, the monthly fee will be paid for through direct debit. Please bring in a debit/cash card, a seal and an ID with you.

Using your LOHAS Membership

  • The LOHAS Membership is only valid for the individual who purchased it.
  • National LOHAS Membership is valid in all studios.
  • Local LOHAS Members can take regular classes at Tokyo, Yokohama and Omiya area for extra ¥540 per class.

Terms of Agreement<Member registration and payment>

  • The minimum term of contract for LOHAS Membership is 6 months. Past the minimum contract period of 6 months, your membership is automatically updated each month.
  • You must make a payment for the first two months' worth of membership fee at the studio when you first sign up. From the third month onwards, your bank account is automatically charged for monthly payments. You account is charged every month on the 27th for the following month's fee. Monthly payment is necessary regardless of whether you take classes or not.
  • If we, for any reason, cannot charge your bank account for the monthly membership fee, we will contact you so that you can pay directly at the studio. In case of delayed payment, we may contact your family members.
  • The LOHAS Membership is only valid for the individual who purchased it.

<Cancellation of membership>

  • Please bring your LOHAS Member's card and fill out a cancellation form at your studio. Cancellation process can only be completed at your studio.
  • Without filling out a cancellation form, you will continue to be automatically charged for the monthly membership fee.
  • If you would like to cancel your membership before fulfilling your 6-month contract term, you must pay a month-worth of membership fee as a cancellation fee.
  • Please fill out your cancellation form in the month prior to the month you intend on terminating your LOHAS Membership. E.g.) If you would like to cancel your membership at the end of March, you should fill out a cancellation form by the end of February.
  • There is no option to freeze your membership temporarily.
  • If you fail to make your monthly payments, you may lose your LOHAS Membership.


  • Please update your information accordingly at your studio in case of any changes to your debit account, address, telephone number, or e-mail address.
  • If you would like to switch from National to Local membership, or from Local to National membership, please notify the studio two months in advance from when you would like to make the switch.
  • These terms may be revised as deemed necessary by studio yoggy. In case of any change, all members will be subject to the revised terms of agreement.
  • In case of any revision to these terms, we will notify our members or post at respective studios.

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